"An emotional, spiritual and instinctive artist. Her paintings have many levels of meaning, thought and focus in the planning and execution of the piece. They are a joy to behold."

-Donna Sanford of Greylock West Design

“There’s a reason we chose to hang Sheila Laurienti’s beautiful aspen tree painting in our front room. We love seeing it every time we walk out the door, and we love seeing it every time we come home. Her art is a reminder to appreciate beauty and focus on all that is positive in our lives.”

-Matthew and Beth Sokolowski


"Sheila transformed a regular picture into a beautifully textured portrayal of my daughters walking along the ocean. A wonderful gift that brings a lot of joy."

-Julie Reddington


 "Sheila painted a great picture of our place in Grand Lake, Colorado. We had a picture of mamma moose and her twin calves walking in front of our place. The photo wasn't good enough quality to blow it up so we asked Sheila to paint it as an anniversary gift. It turned out so well, now we have a great heirloom for our family. I'm so grateful I was able to give such a special anniversary gift to my husband."

-Carmen Smith Harrington


"We are fortunate to have Sheila's art and to experience the positive energy that pours out of her creations. Her talent, effort and skill transform a canvas with colors that soothe, depths that captivate and have enhanced the surroundings of our home. Her work tells a story and we can feel its foundation of love and peace which gravitates us as well as many of our house guests. Sheila is an accomplished artist creating magical works. We are blessed to know the beautiful person behind the art."

-Laura and John Fry