Sheila Laurienti seated in studio

Photo Credit Rhonda Howell



Sheila Laurienti was born in a charming small town known as the 'Heart of the Poconos'  Stroudsburg PA. Surrounded by lush green forests in the Pocono Mountains located near the Appalachian Trail taught Sheila to appreciate and observe nature. Her artistic interest began as a small child continuing through high school and art college. 

In 1983 after graduating high school Sheila attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia in pursuit of a degree in Visual Communications. Sheila graduated from AIP in 1985 with 'Best Portfolio Award' for the graduating class. Sheila started her career in the advertising world working as a graphic designer then making her way to Creative Director for a printing company in Minisink Hills PA.

Having fallen in love with California and being pulled by the ocean she and her friend packed up their cars and drove across the country to San Diego in 1990. She continued to work in a large advertising agency as a graphic designer yet it was painting that always captured her heart and attention.

In 1991 while living in La Jolla CA her dream of painting full time came true. She was able to start her now 30 year pursuit of improving her painting skills. She was influenced by the Impressionists Van Gogh and Cezanne for their vivid colors and textures. She studied the works of Leonard da Vinci, Raphael and Titian to get a better understanding of realism and painting the human figure.

While living in Hull MA from 1992-1993 she painted daily. She was able to start her colorful and lifelike Carousel Horse Series. It was also the period of time where she started her most highly commissioned paintings of the New York Stock Exchange floor where she incorporates a portrait of the buyer interacting in each painting.

In 1993, she moved to the Upper East side of Manhattan and was there during the heydey of the Soho Art District. The music, art and vivacity was contagious and her proximity to the Met allowed for daily visits to bask in the glory of the masters. It was this time that inspired Sheila to paint 'Quiet Before The Storm' a depiction of an early morning view of Trinity Church on Wall Street.

Missing the ocean and lifestyle of California, Sheila moved to Rancho Santa Fe in 1994. She became the mother of three beautiful children. Sheila's ocean scenes will give you the feeling of being immersed in the Pacific and tasting the salty air. Her landscapes and botanical paintings such as 'Bougainvillea At Night' will immediately captivate and transport you to Southern California.

 Sheila currently lives in Colorado where she moved in 2003. Her love of hiking led to her adoration of aspen trees. Shedding her past and opening her heart to the spiritual dimension of trees has been the catalyst for profound healing in herself. She has become stronger and more beautiful, full of life giving qualities. She has learned to take all the negativity around her and turn it into oxygen for easy breathing. Her custom paintings now grace the homes of many across the country. She walks her beautiful husky Koda, works out, plays tennis, hikes, kayaks, loves dancing and meditates daily. She has surrounded herself with positive, insightful encouraging friends.