Photo Credit Rhonda Howell
I have been beyond blessed throughout my life. I was raised by two incredible parents who nurtured me with their love and support. My 3 children have played a huge role in my art. Without their support and encouragement I feel I would not be as successful as I am today. They are both my inspiration and greatest supporters. I continue to grow as an artist because of their love.

This is the beginning of an old journey for me. I want each of my paintings to have meaning and depth for the viewer. I start with writing powerful and positive words on a blank canvas with the intention that good energy will flow from my paintings into people's homes, businesses or work space to provide good energy and light. My confidence as an artist continues to grow as I ask God, my Guardian Angels, Mother Earth and the Universe to guide me to create my new pieces. Because of their guidance I know the painting will have depth and meaning and will evoke some kind of emotion in the viewer.